Not many 10th birthday parties involve beer for everyone, but ours sure did.

February 2019 marked our 10th year in business! It seems like only yesterday we were working out of an industrial warehouse, planting our humble roots in Calgary’s advertising industry. Since day one, we’ve been collaborating with amazing people to accomplish some pretty cool things – breaking hearts and taking names along the way. (Okay, we’ve never broken any hearts. And the only names we take are the ones of prospective clients.)

To celebrate our Flippiversary, we teamed up with our friends at Brewsters to create a mosaic pale ale that we could call our own – “Flipp’s Creative Solution.” The idea behind the campaign was to share with our friends, family, and clients the secret ingredient in our projects: beer (you know, the stuff that fuels all great creative). We threw a big party at Brewsters to launch the beer and celebrate 10 incredible years.

As we’re polishing off the last cases of Flipp’s Creative Solution, we’re blissfully reminiscent. We thought we’d channel that nostalgia and throw it back to share the amazing experience with you – from brew to bash.

If you know us, you know that we take pride in every step of our projects. The Creative Solution campaign was no exception. Brewsters let us take a tour of their brewery, and they even let us throw in the hops (the flowers that bitter and flavour the beer – but you knew that). We had a little too much fun.

The moment when Cam Hoff became Cam Hops.

Our Creative Solution was infused with flavours of tropical fruit, pine, lemon, and citrus. Delish.

We designed the beer label to match Brewsters’ new cans that are launching this summer. With a sprinkle of humour and a dash of our brand colours, the beer came out Flippin’ fantastic.

A few weeks later, we hosted our 10-year celebration at Brewsters on 11th. This was our time to share Flipp’s Creative Solution with our supportive and rad clients, family, and friends.

Nothing says 10th anniversary like personalized cookies – let’s face it (get it?).

What’s better than cracking a couple cold ones? Cracking a couple cold ones that were created and branded in honour of Flipp’s b-day, of course.

Cam Hops – great conversationalist.

Leah is extremely passionate about giving speeches. YOU GET A SIX PACK! YOU GET A SIX PACK! YOU GET A SIX PACK!

All in all, our Flippiversary was a huge success. By the end of the night, we were all intoxicated (with gratitude, of course). And for those of you who are wondering what other secret ingredients Flipp has up its sleeve… Stick around for our 20th anniversary and you might just find out.

May the next 10 years be as amazing as the last! Catch you on the Flipp side.

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