Marketing During Covid-19

Your audience is online at an unprecedented level during an unprecedented time. If your competitors are pulling back their budgets, this could be a good opportunity to engage with your target audience and capture market share. We've always believed in the power of digital marketing. Now, more than ever, it's time to make sure your voice is heard.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Good digital marketing relies on data. Great digital marketing relies on data combined with design, brand voice, consumer insight and a touch of magic. At Flipp, we believe that the best results happen when right brain meets left, and when we can tell your brand story to deliver sales, new business or to change the world. As a cohesive team of number-crunchers, strategists, designers and dreamers, you can rest assured your brand's digital footprint will be both beautiful and effective.

01 Learn

  • Identify weaknesses, find opportunities, collect insights and inform the way forward.

02 Plan

  • Set out clear goals, define audiences, establish brand voice and provide a roadmap for action.

03 Execute

  • Effectively and flawlessly execute with our 
in-house team.

04 Measure

  • Report on the goals that matter and the details that make the difference.

05 Optimize

  • What’s working? What’s not?
  • Shift and optimize. Stretch for more.

06 Repeat the cycle

  • Harder, better, faster, stronger - our work is never over.
Account Creation and Analytics Setup

One of the most important components of any digital marketing campaign is ensuring all your digital products (analytics, tag managers, ads accounts, search console, email marketing platforms and CRM's) are all connected and speaking to each other. This will allow us to have a clear understanding of your overall digital marketing program, and will help us to create a benchmark for what success looks like. We then implement conversion tracking on your website so we can quantify what actions users are taking and find ways throughout the campaign to improve those desired outcomes.

Geo, Keyword and Audience Targeting

It's not enough anymore to just blanket a city, province or region with your message. You need to understand who, where and when they are searching and make sure that the message you show is solving a problem or sparks curiosity. By understanding who your target audience is, we can build a list of relevant keywords and geographic areas so every campaign is set up to evoke engagement from a specific audience. We never stop learning about your customers. Data insights from engagement and behaviours give us the knowledge to constantly update your campaigns - driving the highest number of conversions possible.

Choosing Which Media to Buy

The vast majority of paid ad campaigns are run through Google and Facebook. At Flipp, we've identified a number of media outlets that are also strong avenues to help promote your message. Depending, of course, on the audience and campaign goals, we've considered running paid campaigns with Spotify, Waze, Youtube and Bing as well as a variety of programmatic display ad platforms.

Ad Creative and Split Testing

Once all the necessary information is gathered, we pull in our creative team to design engaging ads that will tell your story and drive action. We make multiple variations and test them against each other until we find the perfect message. Ongoing ad campaigns are refreshed to keep the message new and exciting.

Remarketing and Interest Targeting

We've spent all this time and money getting people to your website, but what if they don't take action? Remarketing allows us to create specific lists to target users who did or did not take desired actions on the site. We can then create unique ads that will be shown to these people based on their behaviours on your website.

Reporting and Collaboration

This report is custom-made based on the metrics that are important to you, and will help us to make ongoing decisions on your advertising campaigns. The real power is in the collaboration we've created within our team. We can make quick adjustments to creative, ad copy and targeting based on data - no more waiting for that monthly report to be reactive. We are monitoring our campaigns, in-house, daily.

Flipp is proud to be a Google Partner! We've passed our Google Ads product certification courses and we are up-to-date with the latest knowledge of the Google Ads platform. When you work with a Google Partner, you work with a company that has a proven track record for high performing campaigns. Your media spend could work harder for you, let us show you how.