It’s back and better than ever.

That’s right – the 2nd annual Flipp Halloweeiner extravaganza! And, to be honest, it’s up there on the list of faves here on the corner of 5th and 12th. It’s a day when the Flipp team gets to show-off their best in Halloween garb, grab a carving tool and get creative for a pumpkin carving contest.

But before we get ahead of ourselves here it’s important to note, pre-pumpkin-carving-contest-fuel is something we take very seriously. Seeing as this wasn’t our first stab at pumpkin-carving, we came well-prepared for the day ahead. With a handy-dandy weiner-cooker on deck, we made an undisclosed amount of hotdogs (some things are better left unsaid), chowed down on saturated fats and simple carbs and with a smile on our face and a future belly-ache in store, it was time to carve.

Let the games begin!

A final group photo for viewing pleasure:

We know, the talent here is incredible. For all future advertising proposals involving pumpkin-carving talent, please give us a call.

From this team of hooligans to yours,

Happy HalloweeEeEeeEeeeEiner!

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