If you know us, you know that we love Stampede. This year, Stampede was extra fun because we got to work alongside the experts at iON United Inc. gathering some social media buzz!

A prominent social media presence is a significant asset in almost any field of business. From small-scale entrepreneurial endeavours to household names, social media is everywhere. iON United Inc. was looking to up their social media presence and dig deeper into their customer relationships. This is where we came in.

iON United is “a technology company, focused on security solutions, infrastructure and cloud deployments.” Specializing in hardware and software procurement, flexible support offerings and meaningful employment opportunities, iON solves real problems with top-of-the-line technologies, every day. We saw Stampede as the perfect opportunity to organically grow an online following and engage with target audiences, because pretty much the whole city is active on social media during those 10 days. (Psst, we don’t mean to brag, but we now know how to code a message using pancakes. No biggie.)

So how does this whole social media thingy work, if a company is looking to optimize their business instead of just, like, posting cat pictures?

The first step in our social media process is to develop a social media strategy. This strategy is inclusive of a company’s goals, visions for the future and most importantly… their why. The social media strategy allows us to provide a comprehensive situation assessment, identify target audiences, conduct a competitor analysis, develop content pillars, and come up with a plan of action. With a strong strategy in place, we were ready to have some fun, so we slipped on our dancin’ boots and kicked off iON’s social media accounts.

Next, we two-stepped our way into iON’s social media style guide development. This is how we make sure brand voice, tone, look and feel are maintained with every social media post. The selected social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) were then set up with iON’s business information, taglines, logos and branded assets to establish a consistent appearance. (Our motto? Consistency, consistency, consistency).

After all the groundwork was set-up, it was time to join the crowd of cowboys and cowgirls for the 10 days of Stampede. Each day, our team slipped on the ol’ boots, camera and phone in hand, and made our way to the grounds. We captured the (business appropriate) Stampede madness in photo, video and Instagram-story form. From real-time updates to introducing iON’s #TeamCodey chuckwagon-racer, we were able to capture the occasion from all angles, ensuring that content was engaging and informative.

After each night of #iONPede19, we went back to the office to fine-tune our content. Photo treatments and graphic elements were added to amplify the iON brand. We then let our storytelling expertise fly, crafting captions that showcase the brand’s hospitable nature (which we can wholeheartedly attest to after this week). To further spark iON’s social engagement and grow their following, we put our social media brains to work and organized a contest to win tickets to Country Thunder. With a total of 191 contest entries, we were able to successfully boost iON’s engagement.

And finally, the true indicator of a project’s success: data (you know, numbers and stuff). Post-Stampede, we checked in on iON’s key performance indicators (i.e., likes, comments, follower growth and overall engagement), to ensure that our goals and objectives were met. Spoiler alert: they were! In less than a month, iON’s total follower count grew by over 275 users and received upward of 47.7k impressions across all three platforms. We’re excited to see iON’s accounts continue to grow, and with a strong strategy in hand, we have no doubt that they will.

To get a taste of our social media flair for yourself, check out Flipp’s Instagram page. Connect with us, and let’s discover where social media can take your brand.

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