Hi, it’s Sarah.

Over the past two months, I have had the exciting opportunity of joining the Flipp team as their summer intern. As my time here is quickly coming to a close, I am realizing that I am in no way ready to say goodbye. My experience at Flipp may have been short, but oh so sweet. That said, I cannot believe how fast two months have flown by. School is awaiting eagerly around the corner, and I’m preparing to surrender to the endless assignments and papers that will soon consume me… Okay, that was a bit dramatic. Truth be told, I’m excited to head back to school, but I am definitely not excited to part ways with Flipp. Over the past 2 months, I have gained insights into the inner workings of an on-the-go creative marketing agency and let me tell you … it was amazing. Getting thrown right into the craziness of it all has really been the best thing for me as I take my first steps into the industry. Surely, school teaches you a lot, but nothing compares to the experiences you will gain from interning… at Flipp, if you’re lucky.

As my last week as an intern comes to a close, it would only be fitting that I enlighten those on the outside on what exactly goes on here at Flipp. There’s a reason the work that comes out of this office is creative, quirky and intriguing, hmm? For anyone interested in the possibility of working/interning at Flipp, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.


Like literally every agency out there, caffeine fuels Flipp

The word coffee is not used lightly around here. A typical morning starts with a pot of Rosso coffee, and maybe a quick trip over to Starbucks (before you judge… it’s the closest option!) Now it’s time to pick your choice of milk. Oh yes, there is a smorgasbord of choices here! Cashew, almond, 2%? Flipp’s fridge will leave you indecisively choosing.

Know your Mac’s snack

By the time that mid-afternoon slump rolls around, the team starts feeling pretty antsy. A quick trip over to Mac’s (err, sorry, Circle K?) and problem solved! It seems to be that everyone here sort of has a go-to pick, so it’s best to figure that out first to make trips efficient.

Headphones are an essential item

The team’s two talented developers impressively crafted Flipp’s music system, Jukebox. Jukebox allows everyone in the office to request songs, which are played over the office speaker system. For the most part, songs are great and we get a great playlist rolling through. Then there are those mornings of non-stop metal and you just gotta plug in those headphones (if that’s not what you’re about!)

Morning Stretches are key

One of the Account Managers, Justin, leads a morning stretch every now and again at the morning meetings. Now that we’ve gotten into this routine, there’s really no turning back. Without stretches, would Flipp be ready to take on the day? We’ll get back to you on that.

Pizza, Beer, and Weed around the clock

You know….. Papa John’s, Brewsters and Spiritleaf. Over the past two months, I gained insights on the list of clients Flipp works with – a very diverse list at that!

After a whirlwind of learning and hanging out with the team, it’s time for me to hit the books once again. Catch ya on the Flipp side!

– Sarah

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