Flipp's Favourite Local Takeout Spots

Flipp’s Favourite Local Takeout Spots

- May 15, 2020

Check out below for some of our favorite local spots that we have been enjoying ordering takeout from and supporting during this time. 

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You Think You Have a Plan

- May 14, 2020

Even when we can’t control our circumstances, we forge ahead. Welcome to Flipp Coaching.

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Flipp’s Jukebox Jams

- May 1, 2020

Looking for a “fire” emoji playlist? We made a playlist composed of the songs we would have requested on our virtual office jukebox if we were in the office today! Bonus: learn some cool facts about our 21st-century spin on this old-school music playing machine!

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5 Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

- April 15, 2020

The rise of the smartphone has made our emails more accessible than ever and making sure your brand is represented in this space is crucial to a well-rounded marketing strategy. Here are 5 steps to building an effective email marketing campaign.

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How digital marketing is changing in the wake of COVID-19

- April 8, 2020

The opportunity to get your brand in front of more potential customers is there and it’s never been cheaper.  Decreased competition and increased internet usage creates the perfect conditions for propelling your brand. In this article I will explore the reality of digital marketing right now and some tips on how to properly leverage it.

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Tips from Flipp on working from home

- March 19, 2020

Our tips on working from home to help flatten the curve.

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