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Why Team Optimization is the New Key to Culture

And while culture can be complicated to define, these last few years have added complexity, requiring more thought and intention than ever before. Some would describe culture as a feeling you get when you walk into an office. Or the relationship between team members. Or what it looks like through the lens of social media. … Continued

Marketing Mindset in a Downturn Economy

There is a fine line between awareness and being consumed by the news and media. We can’t live with our heads stuck in the sand; however, running your business from a fear mindset is a self fulfilling prophecy that shapes your behavior and your world view. In the words of Qui-Gon Jin – ‘Your focus … Continued

The Thrive Program

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with clients on hundreds of projects, large and small. In some cases, Flipp has been engaged to deliver on a single aspect of a client’s marketing strategy. For example, the redesign of a website, the naming or evolution of a logo, or the packaging for a … Continued

Using Empathy to Connect With Your Customers

It’s the stuff movies are made about. A couple goes on a date, one person talks about themselves the whole time, and the other person fakes a call or climbs out the bathroom window and leaves. Why? Listening to someone only talking about themselves is boring. Daydreaming and tuning out is naturally going to happen … Continued

Step Up Your SWOT for Marketing Success

A SWOT Analysis is a straightforward (but effective) strategic planning technique that analyzes an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You might be having flashbacks to business school – but when done effectively, with the right people in the room, there is a reason it has been a part of successful business planning since the … Continued

Do You Actually Need a Blog?

The reason for this is quite simple: Google loves regularly published content, especially if it answers questions users are routinely asking. That is absolutely true, blogs are a great investment for some sites. It provides visibility on search engines and can really help drive your organic strategy, not to mention position your company as an … Continued

How to Thrive Leveraging Team Optimization

How did Team Optimization become part of the service offering at Flipp? I’ve always instinctively had a drive to help others. Running an agency for the past 13 years has highlighted how much people’s lives outside of the office affect their fulfillment and passion at work. I wanted to explore the impact of that on … Continued

Social Media in 2022

Social media is ever changing. It’s what makes it exciting or, for many people, overwhelming. With a new year comes a new wave of tools, updates and of course, new patterns of consumption. If social media is a part of your marketing engine, it’s important to understand where things are headed so that you can … Continued

5 Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

We are waking up to see what has landed in our inbox while we were sleeping, and continuing to check an average of 20 times a day, our phones making the process almost instantaneous. With around 3.9 billion active email addresses in 2020, email marketing should be a key branch of your advertising strategy this year. … Continued

Fascination Over Frustration

Have you ever wondered how someone could possibly have reacted that way? Been upset over that? Seen it that way? Has someone’s perspective frustrated you so much that you can only roll your eyes and dig in your heels and hold tight to the belief that you are right…that they are wrong? For some, being … Continued