It’s that time of year again. Christmas in July. The annual reason for dusting off the ol’ boots and two-stepping the night away. The event that we hate to love that robs us of our money and our health. The ten days that we look forward to all year.

This time of year is a big deal for us here at Flipp – not only because we’re the kind of people who thrive in the barbarian environment that is Stampede, but also because it’s when we get to contribute to a pancake breakfast run by the Stampede Caravan Committee!

This year, we helped out with the 10th annual “Breakfast for Boobies” – a huge (and very pink) pancake breakfast in support of Run for the Cure and breast cancer awareness. By very pink, I mean SUPER pink.

We arrived at 7:00 AM (!!!) to help with set-up and enjoy a pre-pancake-breakfast French toast breakfast.

They were a lot happier after a few sips of their morning coffees.

Did someone say delicious? (It was me. I said it.)

Mid-chow Leah is my favourite Leah.

What’s a Stampede breakfast without a little cowboy hokey pokey?

We weren’t expecting a fireball shot-ski to be on the menu, but I suppose anything goes during Stampede.

Once we were all fed and FIRED up, we helped with mixing the pancake batter (which was pink, of course). We used this super cool jack-hammer-lookin’ device to do the heavy lifting.


After a lovely morning of prep, it was time to do what we do best: Flippin’.


We dispersed to our stations and assumed our various roles as greeters, pancake flippers, sausage grillers, and pony assistants (pics to follow). My job was to run around snapping shots of these hooligans.

The Caravan crew doesn’t mess around! We used these pancake-batter-dispenser-thingies to speed along the flipping process. I’m almost positive that’s the official name for the apparatus.

Craig is a wearer of many hats. He’s a Flipper (capital F), a sausage flipper, and a cowboy!

Brian and Jon learned how to walk in a perfect circle that day. You just never know when you’re going to expand your skill set.

No caption needed.

Just when we thought our morning couldn’t get any better, we got a visit from our tiniest Flipper – Charlie!

We capped off our morning with a team lunch at Craft – nachos all around!

The event was a huge success. We fed over 7,000 hungry Stampeders! That’s like, 14,000 pink pancakes consumed. We are honoured to have taken part in such an amazing event for an equally amazing cause. We had such a fun time (except when Sarah almost fainted from heat stroke, that was less fun). Until next year, Stampede!

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