Rosalyn and I spent the past week with iON United at Stampede to document what goes down behind-the-scenes at a VIP cybersecurity chuckwagon event. Between snapping photos of the good times and cheering on #TeamCodey, it was an impressive event and one that we’re grateful to have attended. We learned a lot, and are here to share it with you. Giddy up, let’s get to it!

Head-to-Toe Cowboy

Everyone wanted to dress the part at Stampede, even the urbanites of the Bostonian Cyberark team. One day they were city-slickers and the next, full-blown Canadian cowboys. Unfortunately, they found out the hard way that slim fit jeans don’t do the trick when it comes to cowboy boots. Hence the fit, #bootcut

There’s more to a team than what you see on the track

A chuckwagon doesn’t run on its own (if that wasn’t obvious already). Aside from the team of 4 horses and a rider, there is a whole tribe of people that take part in rolling out the chuckwagon the way #TeamCodey does every year. That includes a hefty roster of 35 gorgeous horses!

These (cowboy) boots were made for more than walking

People who have never been to the Stampede might think cowboy boots are worn as a costume. To their surprise, these boots come in handy more than they’d think. Being behind-the-scenes at the Chuckwagon races, where unexpected mud splatters and puddles run rampant, sporting a pair of boots will keep you out of trouble!

Feeding a horse is a sport itself

Tuck the thumb in so that it fits adjacent to the side of the hand. Next, place a carrot on top of the prepped hand, extend arm towards the horse’s mouth and hope for the best! Just kidding. With this step-by-step guide, you’re guaranteed to be a horse-feeding expert!

iON knows how to throw down, ‘Pede-style

Where drinks are never empty and tummies are always full, #iONpede19 is the best place to spend a 10-day party. Who knew cybersecurity could be so fun?

See ya in another three-six-five, Stampede!



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