In my short time working here, I have come to know that Flipp Advertising wears many hats. We are designers, UX/UI addicts, web developers, media strategists, social media gurus, and so much more. But at the root of all this hat wearing is a community of talented, dedicated, rad people who love what they do and appreciate Flipp for everything it is.

As the newest member of the Flipp family, I took it upon myself to ask around the office: What’s your favourite thing about working at Flipp? I wasn’t surprised by any of the answers – after being Studio Coordinator for a month, I am well aware of the things that make Flipp the bomb-dot-com. (I was surprised, however, that nobody mentioned Cam’s sweet ad libbing skills as an office perk. That’s definitely up there on my list.) Let’s see what the Flippers had to say about their home away from home…

(Spoiler alert: our list does not include raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens.)

Some people named the team as their favourite thing about Flipp.

Leah: “I love it when you’re away from work for a day and you come back and people say: ‘Welcome back! We missed you.’ We’re a tight team and when someone isn’t in the office, they are missed. It’s a good feeling knowing you’re wanted.”

Leah is, indeed, very miss-able.

Emily: “I really love the team. I think everyone has a really special skill that they bring to the table – and all together we work really well and that’s how we’ve been able to work on a wide variety of projects and clients. I enjoy coming to work because I know that everyone else likes being here.”

Sarah and Rebecca are also in the camp of team-lovers, and can you blame them? The close-knit group here at Flipp makes work not seem so “work-y” – especially when Justin rollerblades around the office. In all seriousness, we love to work together, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Some Flippers noted the office environment as their favourite thing about working at Flipp.

Greg: “… Casual dress, lots of humour, good music, everyone is friendly and trustworthy. It’s a pleasant, one might even say ‘enjoyable’ place to spend my days.”

One might even say.

Andrea: “I think my favourite thing about working at Flipp is the camaraderie that is created here. The culture here is so positive, fun and very team-focused.”

Andrea couldn’t be more right. And I definitely didn’t have to look up what the word “camaraderie” means.*

*I did.

Brian: “Hmmm the open workspace is pretty rad. Creates a bit more of a unified office and community which is pretty cool.”

Eloquently put.

Danielle and Andres also appreciate the fun atmosphere here at Flipp. Every day presents an opportunity for us to create good work and have fun, and we seize that opportunity enthusiastically. Camaraderie diem, right?

Speaking of work – a few Flippers mentioned our awesome clients and the awesome work we do for them.

Cam: “My favourite thing is working with different clients, and learning about their respective industries throughout our creative process.”

Pawel: “I like that every day here is different, there’s no working on the same stuff all day every day. [Every] new day brings new designs and new projects we can work on.”

Kirsten and Justin noted that our passion and drive are serious contributors to our ability to make a real impact on our clients’ businesses. We care about what we do, and it shows.

Truth be told, some answers were more obscure than others. Roz went ahead and mentioned all of the above things – in! quick! succession!

Roz: “The people! The clients! The vibe!”

She had difficulty choosing just one thing, and understandably so.

Jon: “Uh, Jukebox?”

(Flipp’s music system that allows all of us to be office DJs.) Fair enough, Jon.

Sky: “Working with talented people who wear really cool sneakers.”

What can I say? We dress to impress. Plus, we need to wear practical footwear to dodge Justin when he rollerblades.

As for me, my favourite thing about working at Flipp is the people. Every person who works at Flipp is hilarious, passionate, and kind-hearted. On my second day of working here, Kirsten gave me farm fresh eggs to welcome me to the office. One time I mentioned (OKAY, I complained) that I was chilly, and Roz immediately brought a little space heater over to my desk. A few weeks ago, Cam and Greg helped me move Flipp’s old sign and we had a grand old time dismantling it in the back alley (like kids in a candy shop, I tell ya). I feel so grateful to be a part of the Flipp family, even for a short while.

Hopefully this provided a look behind the curtain at Flipp. If you think you’d fit in with our team, check out our current openings here.

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