Pants or no pants. That is the question.

As we do our part to help Canada flatten the curve of this awful pandemic, the Flipp team is working remotely and practicing social distancing. We have put together some tips and tricks on how you can work from home and of course, pants are optional. 

Meetings and conferencing

Using video conferencing has been the most important part of transitioning to a remote working strategy. We have always used Google Meet for video meetings and conferences with clients, but now that we are working from home we’re also using it as a collaboration tool for projects (and to see each other’s faces!). We also use it for sharing our screen for walking through Keynote presentations and digital reporting. The speed is pretty good with only a few glitches from time to time and the audio signal is great (you can even call into a Google Meet conference with a regular phone). You’ll need a Gsuite account to start a meeting, but can invite anyone to join for free, even if they don’t have one! We were also able to use Google Meet to celebrate St. Patrick’s day after work hours from the comfort of our own homes.

Staying in touch

Remember to check in on each other and ask how things are going. Communicate regularly about the projects you are working on and make sure if anyone needs help you are ready to chip in. Also, knowing what your team had for lunch is pretty interesting too. We regularly use Flow in the office throughout our day as a project management tool and chat system. It has been really helpful while we work from home to quickly chat about projects, share files and assign tasks. Slack is another great tool for staying in touch with your team. 

Keep regular hours

Wake up in the morning and do your normal morning routine. Start your workday when you normally would and take breaks at your normal times. This will help you to keep your good habits and add some normalcy to the day. Remember, business on the top (for the video chats), pants, shorts, pj’s or no pants on the bottom. This is the key to be business-comfy. 

Take breaks

It can be easy to forget to take breaks when you are working from home. Make sure you schedule 15-minute breaks periodically. Some ideas for your breaks can be to go for a walk, have a kitchen dance party, stretch for 15 minutes or make tea and a snack. Try not to go on too many fridge exploration adventures though. 

Sharing files

We primarily use three tools to save and share files in our office: Dropbox, Flow, and Google Drive. It’s important to have a standardized way to share files with your coworkers, and we love that these tools can be accessed no matter where you’re working from. Dropbox is great for sharing large files and ensuring your data is protected. We use it for proofing projects to clients, saving our working and final files, and keeping client resources organized. We also use Google Docs and Google Sheets, which are great for working on documents that require collaboration. Both tools allow us to easily share access to documents and provide editing permissions to collaborate with our team and clients. When it comes to sharing files over Flow, it’s mostly for the memes and screenshots. This is also an excellent way to figure out what to watch on Netflix/Crave/Prime/Disney/Cable after work. This is where you ask questions like: Should I start Love is Blind? (YES). Or, I didn’t watch season 2 of Westworld, should I start season 3? (Also, YES). How many times is too many times to watch Frozen? (Trick question – you can watch it every day!) How scary is Outsiders? (Not that scary).

Morning meetings with your team

The team at Flipp has a 9:00 am meeting every weekday to start our day. We use this time to discuss tasks for the day and share any challenges we might be facing, or wins we’d like to celebrate. While we’re working from home we’ve been using Google Meet to conference our morning meetings and it’s (almost) like being there! It’s also been a great way to check in on each other. 

Keep active

As many of us in the office enjoy attending group fitness classes together or hitting the gym at lunch, we know how important it is to keep active to remain physically and mentally healthy. YouTube is an excellent place to find any workout that you want (or don’t want) to do. Exercise is truly the best stress relief! Check out some of our favourite at-home workouts here: 

Have fun

Working from home can be tough when you’re used to an office atmosphere which is why we encourage everyone to find ways to keep their days exciting and fun. Try to find upbeat playlists with some great throwback tracks. Tune in to live concerts from your favourite artists online. Set up a google hangout to catch up on watercooler chats. Send funny memes to lift up each other’s spirits! 

See ya later pants! We got this, stay safe. 

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