Sticky Content 

What makes your brand STICK? Is it how you greet customers? Is it your sharp-witted, #relatable sentiments on Twitter? What about that stunningly curated, save-for-later feed of recipes on Insta? (#GOALS!) This is the stuff that makes your brand memorable. It’s what makes your brand come up in conversation. Whether it’s to create conversation, invoke questions, or inspire – it works. Take something unique to your brand, curate it compellingly, and make it stick with your audience. 

Be Human

If there’s one thing that applies to all takeaways, it’s this: “The most human brand wins.” Connection is an essential part of our makeup as humans, and brands that can be the most relatable to their target audience, ultimately, win. At this point, pushing products, services, or what have you, is over. To garner results is to be a friend. A confidant that consumers relate to, look forward to and feel as though they are part of something bigger than the purchase itself. Community fuels us and when we find that, whether it’s online or in-person, community-building presents opportunity for growth and support amongst those ecosystems. 

Break It Down

Say you’ve worked endlessly on a blog from an interesting conference you just attended (hint, hint). You post it on your website, shut your laptop, and… that’s it? One or two times is not enough. Celebrate this win! Put it out there for people to see it … many times! Bask in the engagement, conversation and questions it breeds. Then, break it apart. Repurpose it into other media types. Build off of it. Find unique ways to circulate content across several platforms, and take advantage of the endless work it required. After all, there’s nothing like a humble brag on LinkedIn. 

If Content is KING, Data is QUEEN

It’s one thing to create killer content, but what’s the point if you aren’t sharing it with the right audience? Speaking to people who do not care about your brand story is generally not the right audience to target. Understanding who consumes your brand story is ultimately what will make or break your brand’s success. Find the people that care, and focus on what drives them. At the end of the day,

“If you’re talking to everyone … you’re talking to no one.”

Thanks for checking part one of our top takeaways from the Social School Conference in YYC. There’s nothing like spending the day in an award-winning library, with a bunch of other data-driven, industry-hungry nerds like ourselves. Check back in with us next week –  part 2, comin’ at ya!

It would only be appropriate to finish this off by saying, let’s get SOCIAL! (follow us?)

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