When you are running a small business, every penny counts. So many business owners end up wearing all the hats – accounting, sales, marketing, merchandising, customer service, etc. When it comes to digital marketing, the impact of hiring a professional is completely measurable – it’s measured in leads.

Many businesses are attempting to run ads on Facebook and Google on their own – which begs the question – when is it time to hire a digital marketing expert?

Let me ask you this…

If your house needs a new roof, how long would you wait to hire a professional to get the job done?
Can a weekend jogger fairly compete against an Olympic athlete?
Do you know many people managing their own investment portfolio?

For the most part, if you think of any task and put an untrained person against a trained and experienced person – the outcome is almost always that the trained person will be more effective and more efficient.

Back to the question – when is it time to hire an expert digital marketer? Here are three scenarios that I find benefit business owners the most – ROI, TIME and KNOWLEDGE. 

If you are already running ad campaigns, but you aren’t sure if they are efficient, effective or you aren’t getting at least a ROI of $3 for every $1 spent – it’s time to call up a professional. That said, it could also be that you don’t have the TIME necessary to launch, monitor and optimize your campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram. 

Or, it could simply be a lack of knowledge and expertise necessary to make digital ad campaigns that will help sell your product or service. 

It is getting more and more accurate to track the ROI of online marketing. Setting up a professional marketing campaign should be profitable and the most important part is choosing your marketer. Find someone who has experience in your industry and is willing to meet regularly to discuss campaign results and goals. From here, establish realistic goals and communicate that to your marketer. 

As a business owner, recognize that you have a responsibility to try and learn a little bit about what the marketer will be doing so you can ask the right questions, and have reasonable expectations.

So now the leads are pouring in – the responsibility lies in your hands to convert them into sales. In the end, your ability in sales will determine how successful your marketing campaign is. 

At Flipp Advertising we work with a wide range of companies to propel their business in the digital world and help them scale. If you’re interested in an evaluation of your digital marketing efforts, let’s connect. Together, we can make your digital advertising spend work better for your business.

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