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Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant has been pairing craft beer with great food since 1989. Despite being the grandfather of craft beer in Alberta, Brewsters found their top quality craft brews were getting lost in a sea of newcomers.

Brewsters approached Flipp in 2013 to help reinvigorate the brand, we've been best friends ever since. Now with eleven locations across Alberta, and retail beer sales offered across Western Canada, Brewster's has built a winning concept around great food, a casual atmosphere and spectacular craft beer. Here's a look at some of our contributions.


  • Branding
  • Advertising Creative
  • Retail Packaging
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Menu & Point of Sale
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Signage

An evolution of the brand.

Our first step in dusting off the brand was to really find out what makes it tick. We worked with Brewsters on a full day planning session we call VisionFest. The day brings into focus the history of the company and the vision of the leadership team. From there we size up the competition and take some time to understand our target audience but most importantly we take the time to uncover the core brand belief. In order to dust off the brand and bring Brewsters amazing beer back into focus we needed to bring the essence of Brewsters back to the spotlight.

Working from these findings the Brewsters logo was reimagined with strong references to it's heritage and beer first positioning. The mantra statement of "In Beer We Trust" was developed to help communicate the light hearted personality of Brewsters matched with the meticulous care and passion that is behind the beer. Variations of the logo were established for brewery and restaurant usage.

Brewsters Full Logo

Award Winning Beer Deserves
Award Winning Packaging

Brewsters had been delivering on amazing craft beer in their restaurant locations since 1989, our challenge was to dress that beer up for success on the town. The packaging was a true extension of the brand combined with simple flat colours to command attention in the busy retail environment. The packaging was meant to convey a familiar, traditional look that stood the test of time. Bottle design was consistent with the brand first messaging and topped off with a custom yellow cap.

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New Cans, New Designs

In Spring 2019, Flipp was tasked with evolving Brewsters' existing beer can designs to ensure that they would have a strong shelf presence that clearly communicates the brand to the consumer. This began with the decision to increase the products' portability by moving away from glass bottles in boxes in favour of cans housed in six-pack carriers. This was an opportunity for Flipp to hit refresh on Brewsters' craft beer packaging. The newly designed cans are a true extension of the Brewsters brand featuring simple, flat colours that command attention in the busy retail environment.

Brewsters Online

The responsive redesign of presents the 'beer first' mantra that fuels the Brewsters brand. On location photography of the brewery, restaurant atmosphere and the food are united through a common voice. With a significant number of visitors clicking through to on their smart phones it was imperative that the user experience remain consistent with responsive design and development. Showcases for each of the beers in the lineup complete with an ecommerce section for gift card purchases and merchandise.

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