Bucci Developments

For three generations, Bucci has been building some of the greatest condo developments in Western Canada. We had the opportunity to create the corporate online presence for Bucci Developments and work together on all advertising and marketing components for their newest condo development, Radius - positioned in the heart of Calgary's inner-city community of Bridgeland.

Making a mark

In creating the identity for Radius, our goal was to use a simple metaphor to show the richness of life in Bridgeland. In a series of ads, our Radius 'R' expanded into a 'double-R' shaped as a keyhole, through which we showed images of the community, the people, and the exquisite views of downtown. Radius is the key to inner-city living in Calgary.

So Much to Say

Establishing a single unique selling proposition posed a problem- there were just too many benefits to living in Radius. Struggling to find the room for the mandatory inclusions we had to find a solution that would still allow our communications to stand out. The result is a laundry list. A comically long list of benefits and amenities broken out with plus signs.

Presentation Centre Design

For the Radius Presentation Centre, our task was to convert an old furniture store into an engaging space where people could learn everything they needed to know about the project. The macro to micro storytelling toured our visitors on walk-through learning about Bucci, the project history, the building exterior features, interior features, and then, finally, the suites themselves. The tour concludes with a full-size model suite where customers can truly picture themselves living in Radius.

Radius (and Bucci) Online

Similar to the sales centre, radiusbridgeland.com walked potential customers through every good thing about living in Radius. From building features to the community amenities, all the information you need is in one place, on a custom, responsive website. It also mirrors and links to our newly redesigned and relaunched Bucci corporate site, where customers can learn more about the developer and their philosophy.