Over a century of heritage

Canada Malting Co. (CMC) was formed in 1902 and is the largest provider of malt in Canada. With locations all across the nation, CMC is producing approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of malt per year for brewers and distillers around the world. Canada Malting Co. is a part of GrainCorp Malt, one of the worlds largest producers of malt for use in the brewing and distilling industries.


  • Brand Evolution
  • Brand Book & Activation
  • Custom Photography
  • Packaging Design
  • Point of Sale Folder & Product Sheets
  • Social Media
  • Website
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Brand Evolution

When you're working with a brand that has a century of heritage behind it, there are going to be some heart strings pulled when you talk about making any changes. It was important to the leadership at CMC that the equity in the brand was carried forward with the new look. For this reason, we worked with CMC to strengthen the framework of the logo mark - while embracing the shape and structure that had become synonymous with the company. The cleaned up logo would allow for stronger reproduction and integrity across all platforms. From train cars to signage, hats to grain elevators, the mark would remain identifiable to each community.

White Wheat Malt Packaging CMC 6-Row Malt Packaging Superior Pale Ale Packaging

Packaging & Point Of Sale

Utilizing a custom photo shoot, our messaging brought together CMC's passion for their craft with their product. Headlines were carefully chosen and set with various products for use across posters and point of sale materials.

CMC Brochures CMC Bottles

Canada Malting Online

The new website offers a simplified and transparent look in to the CMC story. Designed with ease of navigation, highlighted by custom photography and responsive designs, the refreshed website remains true to CMC's heritage.



Custom on-site photography captured across Alberta was used on the new packaging line up to showcase the origins of the grain, celebrating Canada's agriculture industry and CMC's relationships with the farmers and communities. The CMC offering is best showcased in the point of sale communication booklet and product brochure. This piece illustrates the human recipe behind crafting a great malt. CMC's ingredients are their values--relationships with farmers, community, consistency and relationships with brewers and distillers.

The evolved Canada Malting Co. brand showcases the company's exceptional product, backed by a company with a lot of heart.

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