Carrington, Savanna, and Walden

Genstar, a community developer with projects across Canada and the US, had been a long-time client of Flipp for branding and design. In June 2018, Genstar approached Flipp to improve the digital advertising presence for three of their communities in Calgary: Carrington, Savanna, and Walden. They were struggling with high cost per click and low click volume and needed some guidance on how to best utilize the Google Ads platform to promote these communities.

Flipp was tasked with taking over strategy and management of their Google Ads account to improve qualified traffic to the Genstar website, as well as to support the home builders within their communities.


  • Google Ads Search Campaigns
  • Google Ads Display Campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Design


Phase One

Bidding Strategy

The first step was to improve the bidding strategy for the existing search campaigns. We changed bidding strategies to manual CPC (cost per click) and created bid adjustments for most relevant keywords. These efforts saw an increase in clicks by 165% and reduced CPC by 55% within the first four months of taking over the account.

Graph 1


Phase Two


In the second phase, our main goal was to focus on improving conversions. We tackled this by revamping the ad groups and keyword targeting. We sifted through years of data and created a solid negative keyword list that would ensure that the only people who found the website were looking to buy a new home or visit new show homes. We also tested new ad copy within the groups to increase the quality score of the campaigns.

Graph 2

Geo Targeting
in Calgary

Part of phase 2 was to optimize the geo-targeting. Taking the campaign from Calgary wide to breaking it up into city quadrants and applying bid adjustments based on the demographic target of the campaign. The result of our second phase of optimizations saw an increase in clicks by 57%, decrease CPC by 37% and finally, our overall conversions increased by 122%.

Calgary Map Phone Screenshots


Phase Three

Brand Awareness

This phase of the optimizations allowed us to leverage our creative and graphic departments to create display ads that would be highly targeted and contextual. Our goal was to increase impressions and clicks through display advertising, in an effort to keep Genstar communities top of mind for people in-market to buy real estate in Calgary. The results were excellent and bested all our Google industry benchmarks for these types of campaigns. For example, our average CPM (cost per one-thousand impressions) was only $2.33 compared to the industry average of $6. We also hit over 4 Million impressions in only one year running display ads.

Graph 3


Sample ads

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