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Kitchenware has gotten complicated. Big price tags do not always ensure high quality. Hutch was born from the desire to bring high quality home products at an affordable price to the market. Founded in 2016 by Jacky Yim, Hutch Kitchen benefits from a direct partnership with the manufacturer, decreasing costs while focusing on quality, value, and customer service.

The Challenge

Create a brand to represent a modern, sleek selection of products while differentiating itself with an online storefront that offers customers a first-class shopping experience through the purchasing process.

Creating an Identity

The Hutch name was selected for the significance a hutch holds in the home - the place where your prized kitchenware is stored and displayed. In crafting a visual identity for this concept, we kept symmetry in mind, playing off the balanced letter shapes of the capitalized word mark. The result is reminiscent of a gas cooktop that feels like it belongs in a chef's kitchen.

Finally, the photography style and minimalist design of the Hutch website brings the whole package together, presenting an aspirational lifestyle while showing off the sculptural beauty of Hutch's products.


The website is defined by fashion, clean lines, and simplicity. But look beyond that simple face and you'll find a robust backend powered by the latest technologies. Informative and straightforward, it presents the end-user with the information they need as economically as possible, letting the products and photography speak for themselves.

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