Using Cybersecurity To Make
The World A Better Place

Flipp was engaged by the team at iON to reinvigorate their brand and elevate their positioning to be inline with iON's real-world offering. iON has been building and running cybersecurity solutions for many well-known companies over the last 20 years. Everything they do provides a stage for the brands you know, while their vision and the experiences they create make the world a better place.


  • Vision Fest Planning
  • Branding/Identity Systems
  • Branded Templates
  • Photography
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Onsite Social Media Management and Content Creation (Stampede 2019)
  • Website Design and Development

New Logo

With iON being an established brand, retaining the equity in the logo and the lowercase "i" was important. This was an opportunity to strengthen the integrity of the current mark. The letters were softened to give the logo a more approachable feel. The bottom of the "i" was rounded to bring a humanized quality to it. The crosshairs from the "O" were removed to simplify the logo. We created a design system that would maintain consistency with iON's new logo and yet it could be easily replicated on a variety of merchandise - everything from Yeti mugs to table cloths and belt buckles.

The Code

We wanted to create a design that reflects iON's ability to understand the root of all presented problems. Binary code is the foundation of how today's technology began and functions. Like iON, binary is always present and needed behind the scenes, but not necessarily always seen. We wanted to use binary code as a graphic element in our creative to incorporate messaging that people might not understand at first glance, but can engage with as they get to know the iON brand.

Binary Code Alphabet

Digital Experience

The freshly designed, responsive website clearly communicates iON's brand promise and service offerings in a different way. The messaging is now centred more on the client's cybersecurity journey, explaining what they do in a simple four-step approach. Some of iON's clients follow a linear approach, going through all four steps, while others just engage with their team to purchase security software. We had to be mindful of each of the different audiences visiting the site and their individual needs. Providing clarity and driving traffic to the iON team were our primary goals for the new website.

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