Johnny Scores.
Local Kids Win!

Last year Calgary Flames forward and NHL All Star, Johnny Gaudreau raised over $50,000 for KidSport by pledging $1,000 for every goal he scored in regular season. Flipp thought this was an amazing idea and that more people would want in on the action. So - we built a website that would allow corporate sponsors and individuals to pledge their own support for every goal Johnny scores. As the pledges mount up and Johnny's goal count increases, donors are invited to visit the site in real time to watch the donations accumulate. We included an impact meter that shows the number of kids that will get to play sport as a direct result of the campaign. You pledge, Johnny scores, money gets raised, So ALL Kids Can Play.

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We Love That You're Still Scrolling!

We love that you're still scrolling! Maybe you want to see exactly how the impact meter works. Feel free to click on this link and make a pledge! Then wait for Johnny to score and boom! Kids Assisted goes up!