Made Foods

Like many great ideas, Made Foods was born out of necessity. We need fast, convenient food for today’s busy lifestyle, but the options available are frustrating – unhealthy, loaded with preservatives, and just plain unappealing.

That’s how Chris Dobson and Blake Ducharme ended up in our boardroom. They had an idea to solve this dilemma, but they needed help giving it shape and bringing it to the world.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Advertising Creative
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Responsive & Ecommerce Website
  • Signage

The Idea

To help people eat well without the effort. To prove that it is possible to serve food that tastes good, does you good, and is convenient and affordable.

Chris and Blake, with the help of executive chef Andrea Harling, wanted to create a takeout food model where all of the meats and vegetables are sourced from local farms and gardens, and the meals are prepared in a central kitchen, packaged, and delivered to retail storefronts daily.

The framework was in place, all they needed was a name, a brand, and a go-to-market strategy.

Made Foods Branding 1
Made Foods Branding 2
Made Foods Branding 3
Made Foods Branding 4
Made Foods Branding 5

Taste Test

As we surveyed the market, we realized there were a few companies playing in the same sandbox, but nobody else was playing quite the same game. There was healthy takeout, but the food wasn’t great. There was delicious takeout that wasn’t exactly healthy. We knew our product was going to hit every checkbox, and we needed to create a brand to match.

We knew we were going to make people’s lives easier, and the brand should reflect that simple solution. We landed on the name Made. A simple statement about the food and the process — hand made, well made, properly made.

Packaging Design for Made Foods by Flipp Advertising

We knew the product would speak for itself, so we wanted to limit any visual noise and distraction. A simple wordmark and bold colour palette, led by Made green, cascades down through the different menu offerings, and packaging labels.

To launch Made to the world, we worked with Crowsnest Films to produce a documentary style video. We housed the video on a Made landing page, as well as YouTube and television to introduce Chef Andrea and the cooking philosophy that shapes everything Made stands for.

Made Foods Visual Style Mosaic
Made Foods Website

Technically Speaking

The full Made experience really comes to life on, a custom e-commerce website where customers can select their store, order and pay for their meals ahead of time. When they get to the store, their food is set aside with their name on it so they can just grab it and go.

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