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What's Good? Born from a little island with big spirit, Red Stripe is the one and only iconic Jamaican beer that rallies a passion for good times in every moment. Known for their stubby bottles and exceptional flavour, Red Stripe represents a fun, relaxed, and truly Jamaican way of living.


  • Responsive Website Design
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The Challenge

Red Stripe came to us wanting a website redesign that would elevate the brands presence on a global scale. It was important to Red Stripe that we tell the story of their heritage and what it means for Red Stripe to be truly representative of Jamaica.

Responsive Website Design for Red Stripe by Flipp

Responsive Website

The result is a website that features a huge range of content, from beer facts to football scores, without feeling crowded or too serious. Vibrant colours and animation accents work in tandem with a friendly type system to create a smooth experience for the user.

Launch the Site

Red Stripe Website Preview 1
Red Stripe Website Preview 2
Red Stripe Website Preview 3
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