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The End Of Prohibition.
The Start Of Something Incredible.

Spiritleaf is about enjoying life with those who make us happy and viewing every day as an opportunity to try something new. Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted source of recreational cannabis, offering a premium consumer experience with its own brand of high-quality products.


  • Vision Fest Planning
  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding / Identity Systems
  • Creative Campaign
  • Product Packaging
  • Point of Sale
  • Signage
  • Digital Platform
  • Loyalty Program
  • Employee Training Platform

The Spiritleaf Brand

Cannabis culture has always pushed boundaries, challenged perceptions and attracted creative types. Flipp needed to create a brand to reflect that. The logo is simple, but clever, using the Spiritleaf initials, a leaf motif, and a shift in perspective. The simplicity of the logo was especially important because it needed to work well in small spaces - like those found on their custom rolling papers (the first interaction with the brand), and other cannabis paraphernalia.

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Spiritleaf initials

Spiritleaf Logo 2

Texture of a leaf

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A change of perspective







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House Brands

Following extensive consumer research, Flipp created 3 unique sub-brands under the Spiritleaf umbrella to meet the specific needs of a range of new and seasoned cannabis users. We set out to ensure each sub-brand spoke the language of our target users in personality and visual identity and helped to shape the cannabis sourcing, strains and formats to match.

Spiritleaf Brands


Promoting a cannabis company before legalisation was just the kind of challenge that we love. Government, Google, and media owners all have very strict guidelines around promoting cannabis and monitor and restrict ad copy and keyword selection with rigour.

We came up with the concept of "October 17th" as a digital ad campaign. This would allow us a platform for content to appear in searches that are contextual to the brand message. Our main goal was to get email sign ups so that we could email potential customers about Spiritleaf's store openings, news and updates before legalisation.

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The first and only Canadian cannabis company to be granted Canadian Franchise Association membership to date, we needed to create a Hub for franchises to be able to talk to each other, learn and share their experiences. To make sure the Spiritleaf brand maintains consistency at every touchpoint, we built an interactive learning management system for franchise owners and sales associates which has the same look and feel as our main site.

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We're happy to have you, let's
create some good times.

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The Spirit Fund is a community engagement program which aims to plant and grow deep roots in the community with 3 primary goals - to educate, support and inspire. The Spirit Fund will be at community events to support and sponsor programs related to music, art and culture.

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