Sugarbud Overview

Because life's too short
for bad Weed.

SugarBud is bringing Western Canada's long tradition of hand-crafted, select batch cannabis to people who want easier days, more restful nights, and greater experiences. Flipp worked with SugarBud to position the brand among the leaders of cannabis culture and history, while standing confidently in a new market and inspiring excitement about the future.

Sugarbud's Core Values Defined To Find Sugarbud's Purpose

Smart Growth
Growing for the health of our customers, planet and company.
The willingness to learn and the drive to succeed.
The Intersection
of Nature &
Evolving our growing methods to create the best product.
for Good
Promoting social change to shift the cannabis narrative.
Quality for
the People
We do what we do to make people's lives better.

Sugarbud's Mission

We grow hand-crafted, select batch cannabis to make people's days easier, nights more restful and experiences greater.

Sugarbud's Vision

To be pioneers in the industry, renowned for bringing superior quality to the legal market, innovative growing techniques and changing the cannabis narrative.

The Sugarbud Brand

the Brand

A New Logo Identity

Inspired by the Alberta prairies and the graphic element of a sugarcube, SugarBud's logo is a bold nod to the company's roots as well as its future. We chose fonts and design elements that allude to a wealth of knowledge: the fonts hint at newsprint headlines and typewriters, while beautiful botanical illustrations suggest to both the science and art that goes into growing cannabis.

Alberta Prairies

Alberta Prairies

Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube



Sugarbud's Colour System

Colour Title:

Sugar Copper


Colour Title:

Black Ink


Colour Title:

Bud Green


Colour Title:

Ash Grey


Sugarbud's Design Principles

and Refined

With clean edges and informative structures, SugarBud is uncomplicated in design. We only show what's necessary to tell the message, and dont hide behind frills.

and Honest

Inspired by the knowledge of a library and the atmosphere of a cafe, SugarBud strives to communicate in a tone that's informative and easy to understand. We strive to educate our customers, constantly teaching, and learning from our experiences.

Human and

We're focused on creating better lives and experiences for our customers, and we're passionate about what we provide to the world. We care about the people we're speaking to.


Designing for

Staying true to remaining transparent and honest, SugarBud’s website is structured to relay only the necessities to its’ consumers. The website was developed to be responsive across all media platforms, complete with real time updated stock tickers and news releases.

Bringing Sugarbud To Life


cannabis for a new era.

Be part of the brand that will define quality.
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