Small Clothes For Small Babies

Tusker is uniquely fitted to empower big moments during life's small starts. Created by parents, for parents - Tusker closes a gap in the clothing market where parents have struggled to find options for babies seven pounds and under. Canadian from the ground up, Tusker uses natural, baby-sensitive materials to keep little ones comfortable in clothes that fit - in size small. Life with a new baby brings a whirlwind of changes and Tusker lends an empathetic shoulder to lean on with a stress-free online shopping experience.


  • Branding
  • Creative Campaign
  • Custom Photography
  • Social and Digital Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Packaging Design
  • E-commerce Website
  • Copywriting


Having a baby is a huge moment in a parent's life and the name Tusker plays off of this life-changing experience. Cultivating an identity that spoke to the bravery and strength of beginning a new chapter was a key element of the Tusker brand voice. 'Tusker' is a term for one of the world's largest elephants, with tusks that nearly touch the ground - by contrasting the scale of the moment with that of a tiny baby we aimed to create a brand that's as memorable as that special day. Utilizing a cheerful palette, playful animations and colorful language, the Tusker brand is a celebration of life's biggest (yet smallest!) moments.

Everything We Do Is Small

Tusker is passionate about celebrating all things little. From small packaging and tags to fun stickers and small greeting cards upon arrival of small orders, Tusker knows just how special all small things are.

Social Media

Social media has been a perfect tool for Tusker to share their love for all things small. "Everything we do is small," spanning from baby animals and miniature objects to small language, gestures and babies. Playing with charming language and youthful colours, sharing #momlife mishaps and personal anecdotes, Tusker's social media presence has been an essential vehicle to unite parents and share a love for all things small, but mighty! To make the most out of Tusker's social media platforms, our team thoughtfully planned and curated content to establish an effective brand story. The overall goal being to generate a loyal, engaged following across all platforms and seamlessly move visitors through the customer journey to purchase.

Digital Advertising

In order to develop brand awareness for Tusker, Flipp utilized the Google Display Network, YouTube Pre-Roll, Facebook and Instagram to deliver ads featuring fun, upbeat imagery and product photos.

The display ads featured six pieces from the product line and changed the items dynamically based on the user's interest. By personalizing the ad experience for each potential customer, the Display campaign was able to get 230,000 impressions in the first two months alone. We also created a 6-second, non-skippable Bumper Ad for YouTube featuring bright colours, cheery music, and several items from the product line. Targeting audience groups that have shown an interest in Baby Clothing, we were able to get over 350,000 impressions in the first two months of the campaign.

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Total Impressions In The First Two Months

For paid social media advertising, we wanted to take advantage of the Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram to show off the product line to users interested in similar baby clothing brands. Loading the Shopify product feed directly into the Facebook Ads platform, we were able to dynamically rotate which items users see. As a result, these ads served 147,000 impressions at a CPM (Cost Per 100 Impressions) of $3.40, less than a third of the average Facebook ad CPM.*

Getting organic traffic to a newly launched site is difficult, as Google can take a few weeks to properly index it. Utilizing these advertising streams, Flipp was able to send over 7,000 new users to Tusker's site in two months. This traffic helps Google learn what types of users would be interested in seeing Tusker in their search results organically, and helps them climb the rankings for the most in-market users.

Custom Digital Experience

Flipp was tasked with developing and designing a customized Shopify digital experience to provide a comprehensive and seamless customer journey experience. Tusker offers a smaller product line and so Flipp used a minimalistic approach to make website navigation straightforward and stress-free.