Watermark at Bearspaw is a pretty awe-inspiring place. We were tasked to create a campaign that would successfully showcase the spectacular homes, the estate lots, the parks & water features, along with the outstanding communal amenities. This multi-award winning community sells itself. Job done.

However, the million dollar plus executive home market is highly competitive and highly affected by the booms and busts of the Calgary economy. Watermark needed more.

Our client revealed that prospective home buyers want space. Some are looking to buy acreages within reach of town, but worry about maintenance and isolation. The solution; Watermark with big lots, low maintenance properties, and an active and engaged community.
Our solution: GO BIG & GO HOME


  • Advertising Creative
  • Photography
  • Custom CRM Website
  • Social media
  • Brochure
  • Press ads
  • Billboards
  • Digital Media

A Place Your Family Will Never Outgrow

The campaign highlights children experiencing Watermark's impressive landscapes framed by the lot lines of of the average Watermark property ( as big as an acre!). We used print, BIG outdoor billboards and digital to reach our audience, all supported by a custom website, social media, events and email marketing.

Digital Media

Our digital media delivered ads to home buyers in the luxury segment using Google, Facebook and Instagram. Taking full advantage of Google's new expanded text ads in August saw a decrease in cost per click by 23% and increase in click through rate by 11%. Conversion tracking on the website allowed us to determine that paid traffic from Facebook ads was delivering a very high conversion rate which lead to our decision to divert ad spend from search into social.
Weekly campaign monitoring and collaboration between our digital and creative departments helped us to create a digital marketing campaign that continuously improved as the campaign matured.

Big On Community

Watermark residents are proud and vocal advocates for their community making them perfect spokespeople to reach a like-minded audience. Through social media, we've created a platform to amplify residents own user generated content and to showcase community events, beautiful vistas, gorgeous homes and sumptuous interiors.